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Step 2 - Process Development

Organisations are helped to formulate pragmatic, cost effective procedures for introducing stress management. Procedures range from training employees to understand stress and mental health issues, to working proactively to assess problems and work with employees to find solutions for continuous improvement.

ApP is very versatile in approach to process development.

ApP consultants are fully up to date with the latest government and HSE initiatives and research including, The 6 risk factors, The Management Standards, “Real Solutions Real People” and “Health, Work and Well-being - Caring for our future.”

If proactive intervention is being carried out for compliance, ApP follows the HSE, 5 step risk assessment approach. However, the emphasis on the risk assessment process will vary depending on the culture of organisation and the systems already in place.

If economics and absence reduction is the main driver for proactive intervention, then the process will be linked with absence and performance management processes.

If the driver is a healthy workforce the process will be likely to include more health and well being intervention.

To find out more about the HSE Management Standards Approach and HSE guidance for tackling stress at work Click HERE.

A project

If proactive intervention is being introduced it is helpful if this is undertaken as a project with a project group and project manager. Research shows that in large organisations an ideal project group comprises a senior manager, an HR manager, a H&S manager and an Occupational Health manager. The project groups should also comprise a line manager and an employee or union representative. The project group will then be able to decide on a process and produce a policy.

Where possible, ApP encourages organisations to link stress policies with health, well being and performance policies to form an integrated whole. This is explained in the ApP Healthy organisation model click HERE.

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