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Anderson Peak Performance specialises in all aspects of personal and organisational stress management, providing effective training courses / programmes.



ApP provides training programmes to help individuals improve their resilience to pressure and reduce the likelihood of stress, physical illness and mental ill health.

ApP also provides training to improve general health well being and personal performance.

1:1 coaching is also available

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E Learning

ApP has also produced a number of e learning programmes to help individuals improve their health and well-being, personal performance and resilience to pressure.

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organisational stress

ApP has been specialising in organisational stress management for 12 years and provides a range of tools and services to help managers identify and deal with stress related issues at work.

Services on offer include;

  • Stress awareness briefings for senior management
  • Project management advice for stress programmes
  • Assistance writing stress management policies
  • Assistance to identify problems causing stress, absence and reduced performance and work with managers to find solutions.
  • Advice and assistance on carrying out pragmatic but HSE friendly risk assessments.
  • Writing and carrying out surveys
  • Focus group facilitation
  • Intervention action planning
  • Training and coaching in all aspects of stress management
  • Advice and training on all aspects of personal well being
  • Tailored self-teach and e-learning packages developed

In many cases it is possible to provide a cost and time effective integrated approach to stress, health and well being, performance and absence management. This is outlined in The Healthy Organisation Programme Click HERE for more information about this.

ApP is totally conversant with the HSE Stress Management Standards approach for tackling organisational stress and uses this with many organisations (click HERE for more about ApP).

However, we also appreciate that for some organisations, the risk assessment approach is not always the most effective. ApP therefore offers a versatile approach to organisational stress management depending on the culture of the organisation. However stress management is introduced, ApP strives to make the process pragmatic, simple, and manager friendly.


The ApP approach to Organisational Stress Management

Based on experience and research, ApP has adopted a four- step approach to organisational stress management. Each step is also available as a separate service.

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Click on each step to find out more about each stage.


Step 1 - Analysis of the current situation

A review is carried out on existing, policies, processes and procedures. Existing data is analysed and potential risks identified. It is helpful to look at absence and performance management processes at the same time as there is a considerable amount of overlap.

Before moving on to step 2 you may find it useful to carry out the following organisational stress check.

  1. Does your organisation have a clear policy for workplace stress?
  2. If not, is stress included in any other policy?
  3. If you have a stress policy, do senior managers proactively endorse it?
  4. Do all staff know of and understand the policy for workplace stress?
  5. Do all managers understand their legal duty of care for stress and mental ill health at work?
  6. Do managers understand the difference between pressure and stress and between stress and mental ill health?
  7. Do managers know how they can cause or reduce stress for their team?
  8. Do managers know how to spot someone suffering from stress or mental ill health?
  9. Do managers know what to do if they realise someone at work is suffering?
  10. Have all employees been given advice on how to manage their own personal stress?
  11. Do you have procedures in place to support employees who may be experiencing stress?
  12. Do employees understand what these are?
  13. Do your managers know what their absence, turnover, and productivity figures are?
  14. Are you intending to carry out a risk assessment for stress?
  15. Do you have procedures in place for rehabilitating employees with stress or a common mental health problem back into the workplace?

Score one point for each question you have answered no to.

The more points you score the more help you will need with organisational stress management

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step 1 - click for details step 4 - click to view step 3 - click to view step 2 - click to view step 1 - click to view


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E Learning

For organisations ApP has produced The Healthy Organisation e learning system.

This comprises a set of programmes for managers and individuals. These can be purchased and studied as individual packages or combined to suit the requirements of a specific organisation. Together they provide a comprehensive, time and cost effective approach to tackling employee stress, performance and absenteeism.

A bespoke service is also available to suit individual client needs. For more information about e learning click HERE

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Stress Management Training Courses & Programmes with Anderson Peak Performance

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