Health and Wellbeing with Anderson Peak Performance
Health and Wellbeing Training Courses with Anderson Peak Performance

Health and Wellbeing with Anderson Peak Performance

ApP offers a full range of services to help employees improve the health and well being of their employees. These include;

  1. One-day training courses in general health and well being
  2. One-day training course in stress management
  3. Two-hour lunch and learn sessions
  4. Lunchtime relaxation sessions
  5. In-house desk massage and reflexology service
  6. Bespoke leaflets service- create information for your staff relevant to your organisation
  7. Newsletter service. Help you produce your own quarterly newsletter on your healthy organisation initiatives
  8. Bespoke e learning programmes to suit your own organisational requirements

Along with stress and absence management these services form part of the Healthy Organisation approach to health and well being.

The Healthy Organisation Approach

Ask most senior managers to define a healthy organisation and they are likely to describe an organisation which is highly productive and profitable. An organisation with great products and services which meets customer needs.

Increasingly, however, managers are starting to realise that to achieve this kind of healthy organisation it is also necessary to achieve one comprising happy healthy employees. An organisation where employees are engaged, performing at their best, and taking as little time off work as possible.

To achieve this, an organisation needs to

  1. Help individuals take responsibility for their own health and well being
  2. Help managers improve their competencies to become more effective people managers.

Unfortunately, such interventions are often less effective than anticipated and this is usually for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Employees are cynical and doubt the good intentions of the organisation.
  • Policies and procedures lack feasibility which makes them difficult to implement. Employees are also often unaware of their existence and help available.
  • Managers do not understand their rationale and therefore do not allocate the time or resources to carry out procedures properly.
  • Managers do not have the confidence to tackle the issues and so avoid them.
ApP has therefore developed the Healthy Organisation Approach. An integrated programme to help organisations overcome these obstacles and improve manager performance and employee health and well being. Click on the image below to find out more.

Healthy Organisation Programme
Click on the image above to find out more.

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Health and wellbeing training courses with Anderson Peak Performance Consultancy


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