E-Learning with Anderson Peak Performance
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E-Learning with Anderson Peak Performance

Although many organisations are now trying to address health and well- being, lack of time, insufficient resources and poor management commitment often prove major obstacles to doing this effectively. ApP has therefore teamed up with leading e learning specialist - DeltaNet International, to produce - The Healthy Organisation Tool Kit.

The Healthy Organisation Tool Kit is an e learning system designed to provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to tackling employee stress, health and well being, performance and absenteeism. Programmes are available for both managers and employees.

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Modules are available to help managers

  • Work with teams to reduce pressure at work
  • Meet their legal duties of care
  • Deal with individuals experiencing pressure at work
  • Deal with general health and well being issues at work
  • Improve employee engagement and performance
  • Reduce absenteeism

And to help employees

  • Improve their resilience to pressure
  • improve their overall personal performance, health and well-being

The tool kit is an ideal way to provide large scale mandatory training or to reach busy or remote workers who would find it difficult to attend conventional training courses. The resilience programme also provides a good first stage referral tool for employees who are struggling with ill health stress and depression.

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The e-learning courses have been developed from reliable research * and face to face training courses delivered by ApP

Each course can be purchased separately and studied independently or combined with others to suit the specific needs of the organisation.

Each module is available on CD ROM or can be installed on a company intranet.

If required each module can also be fully customised to meet your specific requirements including branding, overall look and feel, (local language and terminology, video, graphics or voice over's) and policy, process and procedural changes to ensure each course meets your specific needs.

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For further assistance, a demonstration of the programmes or details of our prices, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

* The HSE has funded research into obstacles on tackling stress at work Click HERE for information about this and more information on the research behind the programmes

Comments on the e learning

" This package and the e learning package for managers is excellent, it provides the right amount of information in a way that is both interesting and factual."

E-Learning with Anderson Peak Performance

" The package is amazing - so comprehensive and so interactive. It must have taken ages to develop.”

“ The content of the package is excellent – but then that’s what you would expect from ApP”

" The format of this and the learning course is something I would whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who wanted to have a better understanding of what stress is , how to recognise it and what we can do to reduce the effects in the workplace and our home life."

“ We looked at a number of packages and whittled it down to two. We finally chose this package because the case studies and pictures represent all walks of life.. We have all kinds of managers and we need to represent more than working in an office.”

" I have always had some reservations about e learning and I am not totally convinced that it works for everyone or how successful it is. However, in this case I am sure that many managers will be able to use it as a management tool that will be able to assist them in recognising and dealing with cases of stress in their units."

" I am aware of a number of external people and groups who have commented on how user friendly it is compared to some of the other more expensive products in the market."


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