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The Healthy Organisation Toolkit

An e learning tool kit designed to provide a comprehensive, cost effective approach to tackling employee stress, health and well being, performance and absenteeism.

Each course can be purchased separately and studied as an independent course or combined with others to suit the specific needs of the organisation.

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Managing Employee Pressure at Work

This course is for managers only and helps managers understand:

  • The concept of pressure at work and the need to take this seriously.
  • The link between pressure stress and mental and physical ill health
  • Legal issues – personal injury claims - A manager’s duty of care.
  • Their role in managing pressure, dealing with mental ill health and reducing absenteeism.
  • How to work proactively with their teams to identify problems and find solutions
  • How they can support employees who may be experiencing problems.

Also available as a bespoke package


Absence Management

This programme is also for managers. It helps them understand the many reasons why employees take time off work and for each reason shows them how to work with employees to reduce the likelihood of this happening. It explains the rationale for effective absence management and explains how to keeping in contact with an absent employee and how to conduct an effective return to work interview.


For ALL Employees


Understanding Pressure and Stress

This programme is for managers and employees alike. It first explains the difference between healthy pressure and goes on to describe the stress response, stress symptoms and the major causes of stress. Through interactive exercises and questionnaires it then takes the learner on a journey of self discovery to determine personal causes of pressure and explore how they may contribute to their problems themselves.


Healthy Lifestyle

This programme is to help individuals understand how to develop a healthy lifestyle and how to improve physical resilience to pressure. It contains topics on diet, exercise, alcohol, sleep and relaxation techniques.

Improving Personal Performance

This programme is to help employees improve their personal performance both at home and at work and includes modules on, time management, change management, assertiveness and basic CBT.

All three courses have been combined to produce the more cost effective option


It Can Happen to Anyone

A comprehensive self help programme to help individuals reduce personal stress and improve health well being and personal effectiveness at home and at work. The programme is split into 2 modules.

Module 1 Understanding Pressure – explains the difference between healthy pressure and stress and takes the learner on a journey of self discovery to determine personal causes of pressure and find out how they contribute to the problems themselves.

Module 2 Help Yourself provides information and self help exercises to do just that. Topics covered include, diet, exercise, time and change management, assertiveness, basic CBT and ideas for relaxation.


Performing Under Pressure

This is designed to help all employees:

  • Understand the difference between pressure and stress.
  • Recognise the early warning symptoms of too much pressure.
  • Understand causes of stress at work and the HSE risk factors
  • Identify ways to help them and colleagues deal with pressure at work.


Coming Soon

Improving Personal Resilience to Pressure

This is a comprehensive module to help employees take more responsibility for their own mental health and become more resilient to pressure both at home and at work. It is based on well respected CBT theory and techniques and tackles the stigma associated with mental ill health, It helps employees understand the concept mental ill health and learn how to change their thinking and behaviour to be happier healthier and more productive.

Each module is available on CD ROM or can be installed on a company intranet.

If required each module can also be fully customised to meet your specific requirements including branding, overall look and feel, (local language and terminology, video, graphics or voice over's) and policy, process and procedural changes to ensure each course meets your specific needs.


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