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About Anderson Peak Performance

About Anderson Peak Performance

ApP was founded in 1996 by Dr Rosemary Anderson to provide much needed help for individuals suffering from and stress and common mental health problems. The aim of ApP was to offer a high quality service at sensible affordable prices.

Over the last 15 years, ApP has expanded considerably due to increasing demand from a wide range of organisations. We now have offices in both Buckinghamshire and Yorkshire and provide a comprehensive health and well-being service specialising in absence management, stress, mental health and general health and well being.

ApP prides itself on the following:

  1. Extensive, up to date information delivered by experienced, expert consultants (HERE).
  2. Superior Customer Service (HERE).
  3. Total Customer Satisfaction - see what our clients say (HERE).
  4. More effective use of your budget (HERE).

1. Extensive, up to date information delivered by experienced, expert consultants.

All initial consultations are carried out by Dr Anderson and work schedules are developed with her. All training materials are also personally written by her.

Dr Anderson is very experienced and extremely well qualified and all consultants are of similar ability and experience.

ApP also follows the British Psychological Society (BPS) code of practice.

About Rosemary Anderson

Dr Rosemary Anderson, founder of Anderson Peak Performance

Rosemary Anderson has a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biochemistry and is a Chartered Psychologist. She is a member of The British Psychological Society and has been approved by the Health Professions Council as a Registered Psychologist and Health Psychologist.

Rosemary has worked in a number of management positions and has first hand experience of organisational stress. She was also a university lecturer for 8 years lecturing in “Human Biology and Health” and “Biology Brain and Behaviour.” She is an experienced writer and speaker on the subject of stress and mental health, and has taken part in a number of live TV and radio debates.

Rosemary Running the seminar on the new Stress Management Standards
Dr Anderson at the launch of the HSE Management Standards

Rosemary has also worked with the HSE on a number of their stress initiatives including writing information leaflets and seminars and speaking at conferences on their behalf. She ran a seminar at the launch of the HSE Stress Management Standards and was a keynote speaker at the HSE conference “Making the Stress Management Standards Work.” She took part in the HSE master classes where she was recognised by the HSE as an “expert” in this field.

Rosemary is also up to date with latest research and government initiatives in the area of stress, health and well being

Click HERE for more information about the latest research.

Click HERE for information on legal issues and Health and Safety guidance

2. Superior Customer Service - What you see is what you get

ApP is a relatively small organisation and is therefore able to offer a very personal service not usually found in larger organisations. In larger organisations communication and consistency is sometimes a problem as information is passed between the client, administrators, and different consultants actually carrying out the work. Client requirements are therefore sometimes misinterpreted or forgotten, and feedback can be distorted or misunderstood. Often the person actually working with the client is not an expert.

With ApP, all client meetings are handled initially by Dr Anderson and recommendations and material is written by her. Where extra consultants are required, all are of similar professional standing and take responsibility for the whole project.

Customer Satisfaction

3. Total Customer Satisfaction. Let our clients speak for themselves.

“The best external trainer we have ever had” - OH Manager, BP

“Excellent advice - we were totally on the wrong track.” - H&S Manager, County Council

"I was most impressed with the relaxed presentation style, the depth of the subject matter and the quality of the workshop documentation." - Head of HR Operations, HBOS

”The course was excellent, length just right. Lucid with examples given to illustrate the point of the exercise." - Product Development Manager, Laura Ashley

“ApP carried out an excellent review – I have recommended them to a number of my colleagues.” - University, H&S Manager

”Really worth while - the last part on HSE and risk assessment was particularly useful.” - Training Manager, John Lewis

"More constructive than expected, very enjoyable and beneficial", "good honest communication between colleagues” - Senior Manager, Heinz

“Rosemary has an excellent manner and her notes too are first rate I shall be encouraging all my colleagues to go” - Customer Service Manager, The Law Society

"The best course we have had for a long time, sound practical and useful advice" - Area Business Manager, AXA Insurance.

"Far better than expected" - Senior Manager, ICI

4. More effective use of your budget

Anderson Peak Performance offers a high quality service at sensible prices.

This is possible because most of our clients are generated through personal recommendation. Very little money is spent on advertising and glossy brochures.

The financial benefits of ApP’s minimal overheads are therefore passed directly to our clients.

For further information on prices please Contact Us.



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