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Welcome to Anderson Peak Performance consultancy

Rosemary Running the seminar on the new Stress Management Standards

Rosemary, running a seminar for delegates attending the launch of the HSE Stress Management Standards
Welcome to Anderson Peak Performance

Anderson Peak Performance (ApP) is a small successful, consultancy, working in partnership with organisations to improve employee well-being and enhance business performance.

Established in 1996 by Chartered Psychologist, Dr Rosemary Anderson, ApP specialises in all aspects of:

  • Health and Well Being (HERE)
  • Stress Management (HERE)
  • Absence Management (HERE)
  • Outplacement - Career Transitions (HERE)

ApP also offers be spoke Team building and Mediation Programmes. Using a range of cognitive, behavioural and NLP techniques ApP works with teams and individuals to improve relationships within the team and overall team performance.

The Healthy Organisation Programme

Healthy Organisation Programme

Although absence management, stress and health and well being are offered as independent services, ApP has also developed the Healthy Organisation Programme, an integrated approach, which accelerates improvement while saving organisations a great deal of valuable time and money.

The Healthy Organisation Programme provides help for both managers and employees and is based on the ApP model of The Healthy Organisation. For more information about this, please click HERE.


E Learning

ApP provides a range of conventional training programmes, but as conventional training can be costly and time demanding, ApP has teamed up with leading e learning specialist DeltaNet International to produce.

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The Healthy Organisation Tool Kit

"The Healthy Organisation Tool Kit" is a suite of e learning programmes designed to provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to tackling employee stress, health and well being, performance and absenteeism. Programmes are available for both managers and employees.

The tool kit provides a cost and time effective alternative to conventional training and is ideal for large scale mandatory programmes or training remote or busy employees who find it difficult cannot attend face to face training courses. All programmes are based on respected research and the ApP training programmes.

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ApP is run by Managing Director Dr Rosemary Anderson who has worked in the field of Occupational health and well-being for 15 years. Over this time ApP has worked with numerous organisations ranging from local and central government, education and the police to large private companies. Clients include HBOS, AXA, BP, ICI, Centrica, Royal Mail, Heinz, John Lewis, Laura Ashley, Crown Prosecution Service and The Law Society.

Rosemary Running the seminar on the new Stress Management Standards
Rosemary, running a seminar for delegates attending the launch of the HSE Stress Management Standards

Dr Anderson has also worked with the HSE on a number of their stress initiatives. She was a keynote speaker at the conference “Making the Management Standards Work” and was asked to be an external facilitator on their Master classes. She has been recognised by the HSE as an “expert” in this field.

ApP is up to date with latest research and theory in the field of health and well being and is also familiar with recent legal issues and government initiatives.

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